Send us a Script

New Writing

Fíbín is always on the look out for new writing in the Irish langauge. We accept scripts and endeavour to read all submissions within a 12 month period.

Please send scripts in hard copy, with a brief synopsis and cover letter describing any previous playwriting experience and contact details, to: Scripts, Fíbín, Na hAille, Indreabhán, Co. na Gaillimhe. Alternatively, you can deliver it personally to this address.


Fíbín is looking for new writing, therefore we can only accept new plays that have not been produced in their finished state but “works in progress” or work that has come from a reading are acceptable.

Please send completed work only. Drafts , synopses or treatments will not be assessed.

Before you submit a script to us, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with our work and style. Come and see our plays and take a look through some of our previous productions. This should give you a feel for what we are looking for and help you to submit work that is appropriate for our audience.

Scripts will be recycled and not returned.

Please do not send more than one script per year as we can only assess a limited number of scripts per year.

Faigh an Nuacht is Déanaí ó nuachtlitir Fíbín