Dráma Nua le Paul Mercier / A new play by Paul Mercier



“We are unbeatable. We have hope in our hearts because we are ready to make the final assault. It’s better to live a short as a hero than a long life as a slave.” –Sétanta

Sétanta tells the story of how these two young warriors become sworn enemies under the reign of the all-powerful Medb, a theatrical mirror for the political fall-outs in contemporary times. Fíbín uses imaginative techniques to captivate its audience including multimedia involving explosive visuals, music specially composed Mel Mercier and almost 50 hand-made highly expressive masks to draw them closer to the action.

Sétanta is back on tour in 2013 and it promises to surprise and thrill even theatre-goers with no Irish!

Faigh an Nuacht is Déanaí ó nuachtlitir Fíbín