Jeramaí, Hartleby and OoogleMór

Jeramaí, Hartleby and OoogleMór


Jeramaí, Hartleby and OoogleMór are at the seaside. Things happen – Hartleby spends a lot of time being bossy and trying to find the perfect spot. OoogleMór does some crazy dancing, shows off a bit, hits the shuttlecock too hard, loses it, spoils the game. Hartleby goes off in a huff. Jeramaí makes it all OK.

Revelling in delightful innocence and glorious stupidity, Jeramaí, Hartleby and OoogleMór is a surprising and surreal encounter with three people who have a lot to say but only three words with which to say it.

The show is suitable for kids age 3 +

Duration: 50 mins

Venues & Dates 2018

  • 12 September: 12pm – Station House Clifden as part of the Clifden Arts Festival
  • 20 & 21 September: 10.30am & 12pm – Seanscoil Sailearna, Inverin, Co. Galway – Tickets available from Fíbín: / 091 505855
  • 25 September: 10.30am & 12ipm – Mullingar Arts Centre, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
  • 1 October: 10.30am & 12pm – VISUAL Carlow, Carlow – Phone: (059) 917 2400
  • 4 October: 10.30am & 12pm – The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim
  • 6 October: 2pm – Féile Wainfest, Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair, Co. Donegal
  • 9 & 10 October: 11am & 7pm – Belltable, Limerick as part of Bualadh Bos Kids Festival
  • 12 October: 10.30am & 12pm – Axis, Dublin

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